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    "Bundleboon is a unique customer experience tailored to fit the needs of the new generation of parents" - Chris Guillebeau, auteur van de "$100 startup"




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    Based on our research and interviewing parents with young children about their shopping experience, we determined that Bundleboon should be built around a concept for busy parents, by offering them exclusive brands and personalized outfits that they would never have found on their own. By adding stylists to the Bundleboon experience, we also remove the hazzle of shopping with your kids. Instead, you can unwrap your box of personalized outfits together with your child and make it a family fun activitiy in your living room!


    Our founders


    Bundleboon was born in June 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherland. It was founded by the retail and customer experience enthusiasts, Nelli Jeloudar in her small apartment in Amsterdam. Nelli met her future cofounder, Michel Ariens during the Amsterdam Startup Weekend, they joined forces and brought Bundleboon to the next level together as a team.

    Interested to get to know the founders? Hit them up on Linkedin!




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