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    Our stylists are the people that set Bundleboon apart from every kidswear company out there right now!

    So, every week for the next few weeks, we will take the time to put a spotlight on a very important member of the Bundleboon family.

    This week, we asked Noga Yaron to answer some questions about herself! 

    Why did you choose to become a stylist? And what led you to Bundleboon?
    I finished fashion school and worked in sales a long time, but really missed the creative part of fashion.

    Then soon came The Cloakroom, which was styling and sales for men. I had a colleague there, that after The Cloakroom started Bundleboon, Nelli :)

    When she needed help, I was in between jobs and helped out for a few days.

    From there, she and Monique offered me a job and soon it appeared it was so popular and busy that I got more hours.

    Et voila! 

    Do you have any kids in your life? 
    Yes, I have a son. He is almost 4 years old and his name is Nevo. 

    What is your favorite trend this season? 
    The soft pastel colours like lilac, soft yellow and off-white. I've always loved the light-yellow colour and it was so hard to find, but now it's finally in trend.

    Also, the baggy pants that are way more comfortable than the skinny ones, please everyone stop with skinny ;)

    Can you name your favorite stylish child celebrity? 

    Saint West!

    I love the comfortable clothes he wears, the baggy style is great. 

    What was your favorite box to style? 

    Well, it's not specifically the box, but more the customer.

    If I have a good relationship with the customer then the box-making is so much more fun.

    But I have to say, I love to put colours in it and dress kids like kids. 

    How can one reach out to you for a box or styling advice?
    You can send me a DM on Instagram @nogabundleboon or you can fill out our style quiz via the button below.

    Thank you Noga for sharing a little about yourself! 
    If there's anything YOU still want to know, go follow Noga and Bundleboon on Instagram to stay informed.

    We will do an "Ask Me Anything" in the near future where you can submit your questions!