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    Our stylists are the people that set Bundleboon apart from every kidswear company out there right now!

    So, every week for the next few weeks, we will take the time to put a spotlight on a very important member of the Bundleboon family.

    This week, we asked Ellen Nimmegeers to answer some questions about herself! 

    Why did you choose to become a stylist? And what led you to Bundleboon?

    Because obviously I love fashion and I love to share my passion with others, especially when I can help them with it. I love children already from a young age and to create crazy but fashionable outfits, which led me to Bundleboon! I also knew Nelli & Noga from my previous job at The Cloakroom and even Monique from De Bijenkorf. I guess it was meant to be


    Do you have any kids in your life? [Children, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.]

    No, unfortunately not. Only one of my best friends had a baby and I always loved children a lot. I used to be an animatrice on holidays, so I played with children all day and it was exhausting but so much fun! :-) 

    What is your favorite trend this season?

    I love prints and nice colours and especially those 2 in a nice fabric. Like velvet or corduroy. I like to mix them all up and create a new entity. 


    What was your favorite box to style?

    Not one specifically. But I like to make boxes where I can go all the way. When customers trust me on my creativity!

    How can one reach out to you for a box or styling advice?

    You can of course always fill in the style quiz on the website! But to order a box directly from me, you can look me up on Instagram @ellenbundleboon


    Thank you Ellen for sharing a bit about yourself! 

    If there's anything YOU still want to know, go follow Feline and Bundleboon on Instagram to stay informed.

    We will do an "Ask Me Anything" on Instagram in the near future where you can submit your questions!