Lunchroom manager Daantje

Lunchroom manager Daantje
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Daantje Niekus

Manager at Lunchroom concept store and mom of a girl and another one on the way! 

Favorite brands
Zara, Mingo, H&M

What do you look for when you shop for your child(ren)
Wearability is important, as well as durability. And it of course needs to suit my daughter's personality!

What are the most key elements in your childs(rens) closet?
Neutral colours, so that every piece of clothing can fit another. I like to match more expensive items with cheaper ones. 

Had you ever considered using a personal shopping service for your child before Bundleboon?
Never have I found a service easy as this. Bundleboon really suits my needs when it comes to shopping for my child. 

How has Bundleboon changed the way you shop for your child(ren)?
It is nice for me that I am not completely on my own and that I have a personal stylist to help me out. I still have a big influence on deciding what items to choose, but it really helps that there is someone to narrow down my choices and to suggest items, I never would have chosen myself. 
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We simplify the shopping experience for kids’ clothing, so that families can spend more time creating meaningful memories instead of browsing in stores.

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