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    Mamalifestyle blogger Jaleesa

    Mamalifestyle blogger Jaleesa
    Jaleesa Isabella 

    Mamalifestyle blogger at and part-time familycoach (working with multi-problem families). I am also a proud mom of three children; a boy and two girls 

    Favorite brands to shop
    Zara, H&M and Mango 

    What do you look for when you shop for your child(ren)
    What’s important for me is that the products have good quality, that they are sustainable. I also think that kids need to be kids and that the clothes that they wear are fashionable ‘but most important’ comfortable. They need to crawl, run, climb (my preschooler has a lot of energy) and be themselves in it.

    What are the most key elements in your childs(rens) closet?
    I am trying to work with a wardrobe capsule for all of our wardrobes. So the key-elements are that the items are easy to mix and match. I love earthy and neutral colors but sometimes also playful items. 

    Had you ever considered using a personal shopping service for your child before Bundleboon? 
    Never. I always thought that services like this will cost me so much money. This concept is amazing and can save me a lot of time to do other things. As a mother of three, I really realized how valuable my time is. The concept of Bundleboon fits perfectly in a busy #momlife.

    How has Bundleboon changed the way you shop for your child(ren)?
    Shopping online can be pretty difficult sometimes. I can’t feel the fabric, or texture. I don’t know if it’s the right colour. But go shopping in the weekend isn’t also the best option with children. It’s so nice that there is a personal stylist to help me out. This makes it so much easier to choose and it saves me so much time scrolling through the collections all the time. What really makes it fun is that I receive items that could really surprise me above expectation.
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