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    Account Manager Giuliana

    Account Manager Giuliana
    Giuliana Martini

    Account Manager DACH countries at Rosefield Watches and mom to 1.5 year old, Ellis. 

    Favorite brands to shop
    Zara, Mango, Gap, Maison Labiche

    What do you look for when you shop for your child(ren)
    Definitely comfort comes first. Ellis is such an active child, who runs around all day and climbs on everything. Clothes have to be easy to move around in. I always try to buy clothes, which can be easily combined. 

    What are the most key elements in your childs(rens) closet?
    Not too many prints and mainly neutral colors, so it`s easy to combine the different elements. We never have set outfits. So most times he ends up with some blue pants, a white shirt and a grey sweater. Or the other way around. Brands are always mixed and matched. 

    Had you ever considered using a personal shopping service for your child before Bundleboon? 
    I never believed there would be a service that matches my taste so well. We have been living abroad for the last years and especially when it comes to the taste of children clothes, countries differ greatly. So when I saw Bundleboon it was the first time I had the feeling this is a service I actually want to use and would work out.

    How has Bundleboon changed the way you shop for your child(ren)?
    When working full time, going shopping can be pretty tricky sometimes. You have the choice to either go in the evening with a tired toddler or on the weekend when the stores are just too busy and packed with people. By having Bundleboon delivering the clothes to your home with a variety of brands is a total game changer and just saves you so much stress. I love the quality of the clothes, the different brands and the careful selection based on your taste.
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