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    Help center


    The concept

    What is Bundleboon?

    How does the concept work?

    What happens after I fill out the quiz?

    Am I obligated to keep the full box?

    What does a Bundleboon box contain?

    Can I exchange an item from my box?

    How do I order a new box?

    What kind of brands will I receive in my Bundleboon box?

    Who are your Bundleboon stylists?

    How does your sizing work?

    What type of items will you send me?

    How often can I expect a box?

    Can I request specific items?

    My Bundleboon account

    I forgot my password for my Bundleboon account. What do I do?

    I changed my address. How do I update it in my profile

    Shipping and returns

    Do I have to pay for the shipping costs or return costs?

    How does the Bundleboon return procedure work?

    Can I return an item that has been worn?

    How can I cancel my box?

    How can I track my Bundleboon box?

    Payment and refunds

    Do I have to pay a membership fee, when I order my first Bundleboon box?

    One of the items broke. Can I get a refund or a new item?

    How do I pay for my items which i keep from Bundleboon box?

    Are there any costs involved when I order a Bundleboon box?

    When do I have to pay for my Bundleboon box?

    How much does a Bundleboon box cost?


    Can I give a Bundleboon box as a gift?

    Can I buy a Bundleboon voucher?


    How do I get in touch with you?

    I want to join your team. Where can I find your job openings?